Obama Family Lead Anti-Police Antifa March in Chicago

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

Barack and Michelle Obama lead an anti-police ANTIFA march in Chicago this morning with thousands of protesters, chanting “Defund the police!” for three hours. The March started peacefully until Michelle started demanding the officers protecting the Obamas need to “back off and stay in your lane”.

Celebrities in attendance included Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, Scrappy Dog, Droopy Dog, the lady who pretended to be Chewbacca, the Snapple Lady, Bill and Ted, Bill Gates, Bill Fences, Oprah, The Fresh Prince and the Ghost of Tom Joad.

The rowdy and raucous crowd marched through Chicago as part of the Black Lives Matter movement after several alleged police brutality incidents. There were bricks, strategically placed by leftist truckers on the streets that were lobbed through windows of businesses and cars, and police were pushed and spat on.

Officer Joseph Barron was hit with a donut, a glazed donut, that smeared his vision through his riot gear helmet. He was scared, especially of Mrs. Obama who struck an imposing tone and looked menacingly at the police officers on duty.

“That’s a tough-looking broad”, said Barron, who had to change uniform after the donut attack.

The march’s participants numbered in the thousands, blocking city streets and businesses. Some people in the ANTIFA crowd carried long guns and some didn’t, depending on which made-up description of the not actually an organization that online and tv commentators were pretending were there.

Sandy Batt, who was drinking a cold cheap beer was among the marchers, waving an ANTIFA flag while complaining she couldn’t be in her basement trolling senior citizen Trump supporters online, appreciated the Obamas being there supporting ANTIFA physically and financially.

“The millions they give us every month, along with our Soros checks make these civil unrest protests possible!”

This, folks, is exactly what we’re afraid of. Millions of dollars pouring into something we’re afraid of and don’t understand.

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