Obama Escalates War on Confederate Flag He Started in 2015

The south will rise again!!!!!

The war on the confederate flag started in 2015 with former President Barack Hussein Obama, who is still continuing his fight to get the flag that so many southern people are proud of and fly everywhere. The former President said the flag is about hate, and he’s been resolute in destroying it.

Proud southerners know it’s about heritage, and they stand with that flag, no matter what. They say it’s part of their history, and it shows their love for everything southern, and they’re not going to bow to anyone about it. It’s their flag, and that’s that. They’re not taking it down, and that’s their stance. End of story.

Or is it? Joseph Barron, with the General William Sherman Society, says that flag is nothing more than a hate rag, and there was a simple solution to it years ago. Fire. Sherman torched those flags everywhere he could. It wasn’t his fault that much of the south burned with them, had the confederate army been smarter, they could have doused the flames with water, but then, not much different than now, the people who flew that flag are afraid of water because water means bathing, and bathing is for liberals.

Obama has had a meeting with NASCAR officials to determine what to do with that flag, and they agreed. Ban it. It has no place in modern society. It’s a flag that represents hatred and slavery. It’s literally hot garbage. Obama has declared war on that flag. He commanded ANTIFA forces to destroy it when they could, and George Soros has paid millions of dollars to ANTIFA fighters to get that flag down.

In the end, it will take true fake patriots to fight for the honor of a flag that was literally against America and everything it stood for. The same people who are offended by NFL players kneeling or NASCAR banning a symbol of racism are fighting to fly a flag that literally stood for a failed war against the United States of America. Keep fighting potatoriots. Maybe one day, you’ll finally win….. something.

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