Michelle Obama Calls Candace Owens : ‘Aunt Tom’


In a pre-taped interview with CNN’s Don Lemon this week, former First Lady and bestselling author and filmmaker Michelle Obama had some surprisingly unladylike things to say about some conservative pundits.  The segment, to air Monday, is causing internet hullabaloo as some of the leaked footage went viral.

Like Hepatitis B through the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Lemon began the interview with standard questions, pressing the megastar for her views on current events, ranging from *President Trump’s handling of the pandemic event to the civil unrest brought on by protests surrounding the death of unarmed victim George Floyd by abusive and overzealous racist police officers.  Obamawatcher received a sample of the tape from hacktivist Sandra Batt of the New York Daily Queefer:

“What really bothers me are these phony conservative Fox News morons inciting violence and spreading their racism to Trump’s already mentally defective base.  Candace Owens, for example.  That ‘Aunt Tom’ as I call her for selling out her own people, should be dropped into the middle of an Alabama rodeo.  Let’s see what kind of cheers come out of THOSE stands.  I think saying ‘black republican’ is the same as saying ‘horny eunuch’.  I mean, it’s a dichotomy.   It’s like all the idiots on Facebook who think MLK was a Republican.  People like that are why we have to put instructions on shampoo bottles.”

Trump’s supporters also hate Sir Mix-a-lot while loving his message.

Michelle’s husband Barack has been making a lot of news lately, so it seems appropriate that Mrs. O would choose to shoot herself into the spotlight now.  It’s always been a characteristic of the Obama family to speak out and speak loud, no matter the consequences.  It’s that latter part that always seems to bite back on the *President when he attempts to do the same, only far more stupidly.

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