Trump Cuts off Obama’s Access to Media After Tape Leaks

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald Trump today ordered the shutdown of any and all Obama related media, effective immediately. This comes after an audio recording was leaked to the media of Obama disparaging (dis·par·ag·ing


  1. expressing the opinion that something is of little worth; derogatory) the president in a call to his former staff.

White House communications spokesman Joseph Barron released a statement about the issue:

“A former President of the United States should never speak ill of his successor, it’s is unprecedented that it’s happened at all in the first place, especially after President Trump has done nothing except show the former president nothing but respect and treated him and his administration gracefully.  The president has every right to ask the media to end all communications between them and Barack Hussein Obama.

As for the legality of such an order, it is well established in the constitution of the United States.  The 25th amendment clearly states in Article IV, subsection 9 that ‘A sitting president shall demand that a former President SHALL NOT involve himself in ANY defamation of the President’s character or administrative policies, and it is so ordered that ANY former holder of the Office of President of The United States of America be restricted if he does what’s outlined above.'”

What Barack Obama has done has broken precedent, never in the history of the United States has a former President attempted to circumvent a sitting President’s policies. When the recording was leaked, you could hear an audible gasp in the halls of Congress. It’s just never been done before, and not only is it in bad form, but it’s also unconstitutional as well.

Donald Trump has been quiet on all issues pertaining to the Obama administration until right now, when, in the middle of a national emergency with Trump doing the absolute best job of any leader in the world (actually, 32 other nations have done a lot better than us) to get this nation back on its feet and making America great again.

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