Obama’s ‘Commencement Address’ Was The Lowest Rated Prime-Time Show in 10 Years

Former President Barack Obama took to the airwaves Saturday to deliver a commencement address to high school seniors across the country. Unfortunately for him, not many people took the time to tune in.

According to official polling data from Fox and OANN, Obama was outshined by every single other show on television. And not just by a little. Fox correspondent Art Tubolls explains:

“He thought this was gonna be some huge deal, with a whole bunch of people tuning in to watch him bash President trump and tell kids they’re all gonna die. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to our data, less than 100K people bothered tuning in at all. Compare that with trump’s last press briefing, which got 106 million people to tune in, and you have what can only be described as a waste of time.”

The Fox poll reached out to American voting adults who regularly visit the network’s website. Among people 64-90, next to nobody tuned in. Since those are the people who decide elections in this country, his show was a failure.

Obama Foundation spokeswoman Sandy Batt was quick to point out that the show wasn’t about attracting Baby Boomers:

“Nobody cares what crusty old farts watch. If you’re watching Fox News, you have no right answering a poll of any kind. You’re a brainwashed propaganda machine and a slave to stupidity.”

One CNN fake news poll says that the show was watched and revered by tens of millions of graduating high school seniors. Not that it matters what a bunch of Tide Pod eating kids who can’t drive a stick think. Those ratings bumps have been rejected by the scientists at the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute as being “partisan and biased.”

Looks like the usurper will have to find another way to teach kids that civility and respect matter in America.

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