Obama tells Dem Governors to Stay Closed to ‘Stick it to Trump’

Barack Hussein Obama oversaw some of the worst economic times in the history of our great nation.  Unemployment was at an all time high and his dream of full on socialism was nearly a reality.

Only heroes like Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and Rush Limbaugh were able to stand between him and his goal to destroy America.  This led to the election of our Dear Leader, President Donald Trump, who sought to immediately undo all of the damage that Obama did, which brought unprecedented prosperity to our great country.

President Trump said that we’re going to be winning so much that we’ll get sick of winning.  Of course, this was hyperbole because everyone loves to win.  But for one Barack Hussein Obama, seeing Trump succeed where he failed, made him double down on his efforts to destroy America.

This time, he organized a secret meeting of Democratic governors with the intention of keeping their economies closed to ‘stick it to Trump’.  The most populated states in the country are Democrat strongholds with high tax rates and high unemployment rates due to the sheer number of lazy liberals looking for free handouts.

What he didn’t think of is that all of these blue states are a drain on the coffers of the nation.  Red states like Kentucky, South Carolina, and Arkansas always make up for shortfalls in the blue state budgets because people that live in those states actually have jobs and pay taxes.  Real people, like Art Tubolls and his backyard tobacco farm.

So go ahead and stay shut down, blue states.  You are nothing but a drain on the nation’s coffers and we will be better off for as long as you continue to throw your temper tantrums against our Great President.

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