Heritage Foundation Concludes That Obama Supporters Are in a Cult

It’s a cult!

A study conducted by TBS Consulting at the request of Heritage Foundation polled 25 million Americans over the last five years has come to a conclusion about Obama supporters.

They’re in a cult.

The study, which spanned the country since 2015, was conducted by political scientists and showed very interesting and disturbing trends amongst people who support former President Barack Obama.

“Over five years, across the country, we went on a mission to see how people felt about politics and their political affiliations” said consultant Sandra Batt. “We saw disturbing trends among certain voters, trends that could only be seen as worship” she continued. “It’s really like a cult, a really, stupid cult is the only way to describe it”.

The supporters were adamant he was The Chosen One. They wore hats, waved flags bearing his likeness, photoshopping his head onto movie characters’ bodies. They used scriptures that had nothing to do with him as a person to describe his “greatness”. And you could not change their minds no matter what! They loved him regardless of the kind of job he did!

It got so bad that they thought of him as king! Thinking he could transcend the constitution and having him as President long after two terms. They held rallies in support of him, even dedicating everything in their lives to him. They even turned their personal Facebook pages into shrines for him. It’s a level of idol worship we’ve never seen before!

He even slapped his campaign slogans on everything from hats to baby’s bibs to dog collars, from coffee cups to craps tables, just so everyone would speak his name and boost his ego. Really a disgusting sight! There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for a quick buck or to make sure people were worshiping him!!!

Luckily our current president, President Trump doesn’t command that people love him like that. He’s a man of the people. He doesn’t need people farming over him or thanks for the job he does. He just does it. Making America great again.  He doesn’t ask for worship or adulation. He’s truly just a man of the people, just like anyone else. He’s certainly grabbed America by the lower extremities and made it great!!!!

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