Malia Obama Is Considering Running for Office

The truth is the last thing you’ll believe

Malia Obama, Barack Obama’s eldest daughter is mulling a run for office. The young woman has been floating the idea for a while and has started an exploratory committee to see the interest in her running in her home state of Illinois.

Her intention is to destroy any republican opposition.

At 21 years old, she is very young and hasn’t even finished college yet, but she believes she can do a great job and even pull in the younger voters:

“I have the pulse of my generation, and I’m black, so that goes pretty far. I’m beautiful too, if you hadn’t noticed!!!”  

Obama family friend Joe Barron said he wasn’t shocked at Malia’s decision. She’s young, beautiful and has name recognition, plus she’s a hit with the Bernie Sanders’ crowd. “Malia would wipe the floor with any political competition!” said Barron, who would love to see more Obama family members in politics.

Malia believes in free college tuition, socialized healthcare and legalizing marijuana nationwide. She also has said she’s interested in changing the justice system, as so many are incarcerated for non violent crimes like marijuana, and being black in public, which is apparently a crime in some southern states.

She has also brought up the Trump family, saying “if these idiots can do it, so can I” and disparaging everyone from Donald himself to his daughter wife Ivanka and even Barron. “Those two Trump boys, Eric and Don Jr are like real life Beavis and Butthead characters, ewwww, just ewwww” Malia said when asked about any redeeming qualities of the two Trump men.

She hasn’t said when she will be taking steps to run for office, she’s yet to finish college yet.  But she plans on “destroying any republican opposition” and relegating they MAGA hat-wearing morons to what should be a forgotten history. She said they truly are deplorable.

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