Kenya to Sue Obama for Denying His Heritage

The truth is right in front of you

Kenya has finally had enough of their favorite son denying his heritage. Former United States President Barack Hussein Obama, who was born in Nyama Choma, Kenya, has repeatedly claimed to be born in Hawaii. We’ve all seen the fake birth certificate by now.

The nation of Kenya has sued Obama in the 4th District Court of the United States of America for a 50 percent portion of the royalties, payments, and salary that he has received since 2001.

As an American hating foreign national, he, along with Hillary Clinton, nearly brought this country to an end during his reign of terror.  If it were not for our Dear Leader Donald Trump, our country would surely be up in flames.

Obama has parlayed his presidency into a speaking career, which has paid him millions of dollars. He is also the lead shadow figure of the Deep State, which has paid him billions of SorosBucksTM. The former President also earned a five percent kickback from Iran on the $150 billion that he handed over near the end of his second term.

Earnings during this time are believed to be in the area of $10 billion. Kenya has sued for $5 billion and is represented by Sandy Batt of the Batt-Schitt-Krayzey and Associates Law Office. She spoke with her favorite reporter Robin Jolie of the Corpus Christi Chronicle.

“We all love you, Ms. Jolie, and we want you to know that we’re all with you.

Kenya has the birth certificate and we’re going to introduce it into evidence on Day 1 of testimony.  Truly, that is the only witness we’ll need.”

Once the real birth certificate is introduced into evidence, it will be game over for Obama. It is expected that Kenya will offer a settlement to Obama to keep from dragging his name in the mud in the area of $4 billion. Obama would be a fool to not take them up on their offer, but then we are talking about Barack Hussein Obama, so anything is possible.


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