Barr’s DOJ investigations Into Obama’s Money Reveal Crimes

The truth is right there in front of you

The investigation into OBAMAGATE is in full swing, and Bill Barr, the head of the Department of Justice is incredulous at what he is finding. The DOJ has started at the root of all evil, Obama’s money, how much he has, where it came from, and how it got there. So far, the details are frightening.

The investigation has stretched from coast to coast in America and over the oceans to Kenya, Iran, Iraq, Wakanda and Azmenistan, where the the majority of his money has come from.

Azmenistan is home to several terror cells and billion-dollar Azmenistian kings and sheiks. Over $50 million has come from Azmenistan since Obama ran for office in 2007 and they’ve continued to fund him and activities in and out of government.

Azmenistan is a terror hot spot known to the government but not to citizens, unless you’ve seen the Onion Movie, which I have. It’s just outside of Absurdistan, which most of the trump faithful reside. There’s been several reports of activity in the two nations that have come to Bill Barr’s attention during the probe of OBAMAGATE.

Obama had amassed a fortune since 2007, when he was chosen as the democratic nominee. Millions of dollars of cash, gifts, jewelry, and other goodies have flowed into the Obama coffers over the years from various entities, one of the most concerning is a black card from Carvel Ice Cream entitling the cardholder to free ice cream and cakes whenever they visited the establishment, which is of most importance to President Trump since he never received one.

Where this will all lead is a giant mystery, seeing as Obama has done a lot of things that Trump and Barr deem “criminal”, like being president, not being an embarrassment and actually doing the job he was elected to do. The investigation may turn up nothing, which is most likely the case.

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