Traitorous BHO Says Trump Should Be ‘Jailed For Life For Failing America’

Barack Hussein Obama has called for our great president, Donald J. Trump, to be “jailed for life” for his amazing response to the pandemic. Obama, who failed at containing the swine flu and ebola, and who is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, made the statement in a Zoom meeting with members of the Democrat caucus.

According to our sources embedded in the Democrat ranks, there is treason on the horizon:

“Obama is trying to get people riled up over President Trump’s response, which has been as perfect as the letter. Read the transcripts, people. BHO failed us every chance he got. Trump is a real leader. He’s giving us great advice on how to kill the virus and even better advice on how to kill ourselves. That’s a real president.”

Obama says that if Trump manages to make it through the election in November and get re-elected, he should be impeached, thrown out of office, charged with negligent homicide for causing so much death, and removed from the history books. “They changed the history of the Civil War to make the south look like it wasn’t full of slavery-loving racists,” Obama said to his secret society, “why shouldn’t we change this history and eliminate this buffoon from our memories altogether.”

Obama’s closest confidants say he’s been on edge ever since leaving office and that lately, it has only gotten worse. Insider Sandy Batt told us:

“He’s more concerned with people than politics, and this whole Trump thing — while cute in the beginning — is now actually killing people, putting kids in cages, and turning science denial into a religion full of morons.”

We can only assume that Batt is referring to trump supporters. Yeah. Like we’re the morons. Take a look in the mirror, sandy. You’ll see what a moron looks like.


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