Malia and Sasha Obama Are Getting Stimulus Money

Drip. Drip.

While Trump’s Treasury Department is working overtime to get the American people the money they need to survive this global pandemic, bless them, a leak from the department is cause for alarm.

According to a very creditable source, Malia and Sasha Obama are on the list to receive a stimulus check. You see, the Obama girls are both over the age of 18. Since they are considered adults with a reported income of under $100,000, they qualify for the stimulus checks. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the funds they’ve made from unscrupulous activities.

Joe Barron, Director of the Treasury-East Division, says:

“We can’t do anything to stop the deposit from going through. You know the Obama girls don’t need that money, but it will be sent to them. Terrible.”

You know, isn’t that just how it is with the Obamas? Take, take, take!

A friend of the Obama sisters said the girls are bragging about getting that free money. Malia’s best friend Sandy Batt said:

“Oh girl, Malia is making her list and checking it twice. She’s buying make-up, designer clothing, some shoes, and adding at least $300 to her Starbucks app. She’s got to have that Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte with 1 Spenda, add Whip. She likes to collect the Starbucks Reward stars, so always uses the app to order. Who doesn’t love free stuff?”

With everything going on in this world, and millions of people in need, those girls should be sending that money right back to the treasury. Who the heck do they think they are?

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