Michelle Obama Charging U.S. Government for Use of Her Name

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

When it seems Michelle Obama can’t get any lower, she does. It’s been revealed that Michelle Obama, nearly four years out of the spotlight, is charging the government for its use of her name and likeness. Any images or mentions emanating from any government agency are subject to licensing fees upwards of a million dollars a year.

Most celebrities use contracts for companies and brands to use their names and likenesses to sell products or services, however, this is the first time any First Lady has done it to the government that she had served.

The revelation came about as the GAO was looking for wasteful spending to cut during the current crisis, and they were shocked to find that they’ve been paying Mrs. Obama since 2017.

What this means is any time that any governmental agency has used Michelle Obama’s name or likeness, for any one thing, she is paid. This is especially egregious considering that no other First Lady has ever done this before, and they have sent the documents and contracts to US Attorney General Bill Barr to look them over and work to end these payouts.

Joseph Barron, an employee with the GAO, contacted Mrs Obama to try and end this travesty, as he sees it, it’s a privilege to serve our nation. Michelle Obama was very quick and terse with him saying,

“This is my beautiful face and name, and honey, it ain’t free.”

Donald Trump has been notified about this as well and was horrified and disgusted by the news. He was in disbelief that anyone, besides himself, of course, would ever use the government and their position of power to enrich themselves.

He likened it to the emoluments clause in the constitution, something which he’s aware of but hasn’t paid attention to until recently as he’s hired attorneys to find ways around it.

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