Medical Records Prove Obama Is Addicted to Cocaine


With all of that sniffling, sweating, crying, and nonsensical talk, everyone knew that there was something just not quite right with Barack Hussein Obama. No one could quite put their finger on it, but now it is all clear.

One of President Trump’s White House Aides, Joe Barron, uncovered a series of documents found in the presidential quarters. The documents contained some blood test results that the former president who was born in Kenya certainly would want to keep hidden.

Barron says:

“Well, these test results included a drug screen. Not only did Obama test positive for nicotine and Adderall, but also cocaine! The first two are legal. The second one isn’t. Obama is illegal.

But, what’s even more surprising is what else the test results revealed.”

It’s all starting to make sense now.

The document was found in a chester drawers located in the room that was Obama’s bedroom. Trump has had the room converted to a bathroom, complete with golden toilets. Anyway, you know when a drawer is stuffed too full so the stuff that is on the top of the drawer, oftentimes papers, get all crumpled and pushed to the back in a wad. Well, that’s exactly what happened with this document. Poor Obama. Now his secret is out.

The blood results also revealed some other interesting facts that the former thief of the White House doesn’t want people to know. First, the blood results confirm that Obama was absolutely born in Kenya. Apparently, there are amino genetic markers on your DNA that prove a person’s birthplace.

Obama’s amino is consistent with being born in Kenya!

Additionally, the blood test results show the former illegitimate president is anemic and suffers from chronic constipation.

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