Biden Hires Obama to ‘Deliver the Black Vote’

The truth is right in front of you

Barack Hussein Obama has jumped into the 2020 election fray in a big, big way, sources tell us. In an exclusive report, Barack Obama not only directed Bernie Sanders to exit the primary race but also has been courting minority voters as well, all but guaranteeing a Biden victory in November.

Obama has handpicked a Vice Presidential candidate for Joe Biden, a black woman who’s young and vivacious. Obama knows this is a clear path to the 2020 election with minority voters, and it is something Biden was against initially.

We spoke with Biden campaign staffer Joseph Barron about Obama’s input, and what he told us was shocking, to say the least. First off, there will be an Obama Phone 2.0. This time it’s a top of the line smartphone connected to the internet at the cost of $1200 each, that the taxpayers will foot the bill for. There will also be promised stimulus checks for $2020 a month for a year that Biden will announce shortly, to shore up any voters on the fence.

We also learned that Barack Obama has been putting some serious FaceTime in with potential voters, like welfare offices, meatpacking plants, unemployment offices, and skid row neighborhoods, all bastions of liberal ideas and potential Democrat voters.

The Obama offensive is pulling out all the stops to defeat Donald J Trump and install Joe Biden and his handpicked VP candidate.

Barack Obama is so enraged about Donald Trump erasing his liberal legacy from our country, that he is doing everything he can to embarrass and destroy Donald Trump’s chances at re-election. Trump made America great again, and Obama is so jealous, so enraged that nothing will stop him.

The identity of the VP candidate is extremely secretive, and we think she has celebrity status. Could it be Oprah, Michele Obama, Haley Berry??? With everything we’ve learned so far, this is a play for voters who would be against everything our Dear Leader stands and tweets for.  This is a developing story.

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