Obama to Build Several Mosques in Bible Belt

Barack Obama’s eight years in office was an unmitigated disaster that the great President Donald Trump has been tirelessly cleaning up and fixing.  His administration benefitted no one except for Muslims and communists. We are lucky to have survived his anti-Christian and anti-American reign of terror.

It has recently been uncovered that Barack Hussein Obama has obtained permits to build dozens of mosques across the Bible Belt and will build them with a kickback from the $150 Billion of our money that he gave away to Iran. These permits are all within 500 feet of elementary schools and students will be required to attend prayer services three times a week.

To add further insult, Obama’s cronies in government have allowed eminent domain to be used to acquire the land of nearby churches for the purpose of demolishing them and thus any local religious competition in the area. It seems that everyone does have a price, even when it comes down to allowing something this blasphemous to take place.

Obama’s spokesperson Art Tubolls laughed when confronted about this travesty.

“What are you going to do about it? We gained eight years of connections, billions of dollars in kickbacks from handing that money over to Iran, and we can do anything we want to do. Our success in Dearborn is our model. We’re installing our brothers and sisters into Congress. Now all that is left is to replace Christianity. No one will be able to stop us, not President Trump, not those kids and their dog, not Nancy Drew…no one!”

Art Tubolls got it wrong. President Trump has the true God on his side and will once again defeat the evil Obama and keep the United States of America a Christian nation. America won’t stand for Obama’s plans. Not now and not ever.

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