Michelle Obama Caught Wearing Mary Todd Lincoln’s Stolen Jewels

Recently, Michelle Obama was caught shopping at a Target store. The venture out got quite a bit of attention in the underground press because the Obama’s, in their typical attention-seeking fashion, sent out a press release detailing their schedule that day.

Apparently, they are jealous of all the attention a real president of the United States receives and were feeling left out.

It looks like that flashy persona is catching up with the Obamas, as this outing has successfully outed them for being the thieves they are.

Under closer examination of the photos from the shopping trip, it is obvious that Michelle Obama is wearing the earrings that were stolen from the Lincoln bedroom while they lived in the White House.

You can see Mary Todd Lincoln wearing them in the portrait below:

Expert White House Historian Art Tubollus spoke of the cherished piece of jewelry.

“Mary Todd Lincoln wore those earrings everywhere. They were one of the things she was most known for. And, the Lincoln’s were not flashy people. Rarely did you see either of the couple, Abe or Mary, use fashion accessories.”

It’s this reason that the earrings were enshrined in a clear plastic box with a lock on the side of it, purchased at Home Depot for $3.99.

Clearly, these are historic artifacts that the Obama’s walked out of the White House with.

Michelle Obama does not deny that she has the earrings, claiming,

“Because President Lincoln freed my people, I feel I am deserving of these earrings. I have no doubt it is what Mrs. Lincoln would have wanted if she had ever had the privilege of meeting me.”

The earrings are estimated to be with $50 million, which more than constitutes charges of grand theft. If she was anyone other than Michelle Obama, she’d be charged, convicted, and serve two life terms for such a crime.

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