Giuliani Exposes Reason For Benghazi and Bergdahl Release

The truth is right in front of you.

President Trump’s trusty longtime friend, personal attorney and private investigator Rudy Giuliani, dropped a bombshell today when he exposed the real reason behind Bergdahl’s release, Hillary’s wiped server, and the Benghazi massacre. The details will leave you livid.

According to Rudy, Ambassador Stevens was secreted into Benghazi to retrieve U.S. Blitzer missiles that Obama’s State Department supplied to Libya’s Al-Grabbir Boubi without Republican knowledge. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had brokered the deal with Stevens and Private Arms dealer, Joe Barron.

Some of the shoulder fired Blitzer missiles ended up in Afghanistan, where the Taliban took down a U.S. Chinook helicopter on October, 25 2008. The missile wasn’t properly armed, the helicopter survived and the missile serial numbers were recovered. This led back to the secret cache of Wolf-Blitzers kept in Qatar by the CIA.

Panicked, Obama and Hillary sent Stevens on the do-or-die retrieval mission. This explains the “Stand Down” orders that didn’t happen, given to multiple rescue teams during the embassy siege.

It was Obama who supplied the deadly missiles to our sworn enemy. They were committing treason. Hillary’s private server was for deleting digital evidence and the Taliban knew about it all.

This is when the Taliban began blackmailing Obama, and your eyes glazed over from all the words, in exchange for the release of 20 Taliban Generals who were held in Gitmo. They also demanded a signed autograph from Nancy Reagan who mysteriously died in 2016 and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce to ensure all the details were complied with.

There you have the whole truth. Bergdahl’s release was just a Deep State cover to meet the Talibans blackmail demands.

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Glori is a born again Christain and single mom to Brayden, Ayden, and Rayden. She was inspired by all-American woman, Sarah Palin and her virtuous daughter Bristol, to become a journalist. After 6 years of grueling dedication, she earned her BS.

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