Malia And ‘Undocumented’ Boyfriend Arrested In Dog Fighting Ring Bust


My goodness.  It looks like those Obama daughters are becoming a regular Thelma and Louise when it comes to stirring up trouble with the law.  This time, 21-year old Harvard student Malia found herself on the receiving end of some “Obamacare” in the form of steel-reinforced handcuffs yet again, when she and her newest boy-toy were caught in a police sting at an illegal dogfight, cheering and betting on favorites.

Her newest beau, 22-year old Francisco Geraldo Tetas-Negras is a colleague the Presidential daughter met during a late-night outing at a nearby college hangout called : “Denny’s.”

Tetas-Negras is reportedly a kitchen employee of the establishment, however, after the arrest, authorities have determined that he has no legal documentation to be within the country.  Ay, ya ya ya, indeed!  There goes that job, vato!

Francisco had once held a job working in an ice cream truck that cracked me up for hours.

Federal and local police had been collaborating to make the bust since early December, and struck Monday night, surrounding a warehouse in Queefery, MA, two miles outside of Harvard.

Inside the warehouse they found nearly 150 people, surrounding a ring where various poodles were loudly barking at bandana-adorned tortoises, which is a new battle style made popular by the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” craze.

Loud Vanilla Ice gangster-style rap music was blaring from the speakers.  The warehouse was empty and abandoned since it had formerly held toys, posters, and clothing meant to be promotional material for the movie : “Cats.”

“Cats” has reportedly landed as a bigger flop of any movie starring a bunch of useless pussies since Warner Brothers’ “Justice League.”

Arresting officers reported that Malia and her newest “Senor Derecho” didn’t attempt to put up a fight or resist arrest, but noted that both appeared to be wearing grins and peering through slitted eyes, classic symptoms of marijuana addiction.

Upon a station-administered blood test, both young suspects did, in fact, test positive for cannibus-induced intoxication.  I guess this is what happens when liberals try “family planning.”

But it’s pretty much a given that good ol’ daddy will probably just send a pallet of cash over to bail his little demon out.  Again.

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