The Obamas Claim this Pic of Malia Wiping Herself With A US Flag Is Fake News

The Obamas never had any respect for America, it’s anthem, or its flag. Recall then-president Obama housting a coffee cup while the national anthem played. Remember when the kids did not even know the words to the anthem AND refused to put their hands over their hearts while it played.

And now a picture has recently surfaced online of Malia Obama on a camping trip with her boyfriend. Though grainy, it can clearly be seen that the eldest Obama daughter is using the American flag in a way that she definitely should not be. She’s using it to wipe her backside after doing her business.

The picture has caused considerable outrage, as it should. This particular level of disrespect is way over the top. It is beyond the something-I-can’t-think-of, as the saying goes. The entire nation should look down on this young lady.

But the Obama family is crying out about it. They claim that the represented situation is fake news, that the photograph in question has been digitally altered to include who people are saying is Malia. They are further alleging that the image of the person in the photo is not Malia at all, but Michelle.

A representative of the firm handling the Obama children’s public relations, the lusty and alluring Satya Martin who exudes sex from every pore, however, was brave enough to speak out with the truth:

“Oh, it’s Malia all right. She was out camping with her guy and they forgot to pack paper. So, do you know what she did? She demanded that the Secret Service detail give her one of the standard issue dozen American flags kept in their SUVs for flag emergencies. And then she shocked them by wiping herself right IN front of them.

That girl has no shame and no morals. She discussed me.”

Yeah, this is a bunch of bs.

She discussed us too. The wine drinking, pot smoking, and thefts were bad enough, but this…this is something else entirely.

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