Satanic Bible Of Death Row Inmate Contained Autograph of Barack Obama

The truth is right in front of you

Barack Obama and family always tried to pass themselves off as Christians but they didn’t really fool many other than those in his Democrat cult. He put on a good show though, attending church, reciting bible verses, but one could easily tell that nothing was genuine, but just an elaborate con, like everything they do.

Conventional thought has always been that Obama was a Muslim. He aligned himself with people from the Middle East, he bowed to Saudi princes, and he swore to protect the Muslims if people tried to inflict violence upon them for no reason but bigotry, like another holocaust. Only one of their own would protect them like that. No decent person would. It seemed obvious.

But now an item has emerged that casts doubt on Obama’s loyalty to Islam. Rather, it would appear that Obama serves the devil himself.

Convicted killer, Hugh Janus was executed last week in Shawarma Penitentiary. Janus was known to be a devout Satanist, having dedicated each of his victims to the dark one.

This is the only partial image of the evil Hugh Janus on file.

When cleaning out his cell after his death, fantasy warden Satya Martin came across something rather curious. It was Janus’ Bible – his Satanic Bible. It’s not this find on its own which struck her, but rather the signature found inside the cover, for on that page was the John Hancock of Barack Obama. This appeared to be his personal religious text at some point in time – Obama’s own book of evil and it appears to have been dedicated to a serial killer.

Whether Obama gave this text to Janus or not is not clear but the signature does seem to show once and for all that Obama is definitely not a Christian. It also explains his determined effort to destroy Christianity in America while in office.

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