Obama Sends Flowers and an Apology To Iranian General’s Family

Former President Barack Obama sent flowers and a note that included an apology to the family of slain Iranian General Suleiman’s family, according to sources. The traitorous move came just hours after President Trump issued an order for all communication with Iran to cease.

Obama has been known to apologize for America in the past. In 2009, he went to Saudi Arabia and apologized to them for Americans blaming them for September 11th. Shortly after that, he went to Iraq and Afghanistan and apologized to them for “America’s atrocities.” In 2015, he went to Syria and apologized for the “mean things” then-candidate Trump was saying about their government.

So it wasn’t really a surprise that Obama would do this. It seems that wherever there’s terrorism, Obama goes there to apologize. This time, he’s apologizing for a man everyone has heard of and everyone wanted gone. How many times have you and your friends said: “Solomein needs to go!” It’s a common theme for anyone who keeps up with the goings-on in the Middle East.

While we don’t know exactly what the note said, we were told that it was written in Musslamic and included a prayer to the Moon God Allahu, as is customary for people like Obama. Some may think it was just a kind gesture to a family in mourning. The problem is, after Trump ordered all communications ceased, it became a matter of foreign policy.

That means Obama is in direct violation of the Logan Act. He seems to be forgetting that General Soleiman was in violation of the UN Nuclear accord, and was, therefore, a legal target. People really need to keep themselves informed.

Hopefully, Obama feels better, because he’s now facing some serious trouble. It may even affect any future nomination to the Supreme Court.

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