Obama Files UN War Crimes Case Against Trump

Barack Obama has gone directly to the United Nations to take a shot at his political rival, Donald Trump. In a move that is illegal by US law, Obama filed a case against Trump for “war crimes” at The Hague over the killing of Iranian General Solemaini.

According to Obama’s lawyer, Art Tubolls, the former President is well within his rights to make a move like this:

“The rules at The Hague aren’t very specific about who has to file a war crimes claim. Barack Obama is a respected statesman and nobody is going to question his judgment.

“This won’t be the first time someone has filed a case for war crimes outside of official government channels.”

Obama has also filed 11 other lawsuits against Trump in various courts around the world in an effort to “stir up aggression” towards our President. Those cases involve charges from War Crimes to terrorizing the English language and all things in-between. According to our source, who may or may not have the expertise to offer a valuable opinion, all of the cases are a sham:

“Is this even legal? The American people need to know what’s going on behind their backs. The liberal media refuses to report on stories like these because they expose Obama for what he is: a crybaby liberal.”

The DOJ says it may be looking into charging Obama with violating the Logan Act, but that proving it won’t be easy since he hasn’t attempted to file on behalf of the United States. The list of countries he says he’s representing includes Canada, the entire European Union, and Kenya.

President Trump hasn’t offered a statement yet, but we’re watching Twitter very carefully.



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