Michelle Obama Says She Will Definitely Run Against Trump in 2024

Michelle Obama told a group of donors at a campaign stop for Joe Biden that she will definitely be throwing her hat in the ring against Trump in 2024. The statement is raising eyebrows across the country for two reasons.

First, she’s admitting that Trump is going to win 2020. No contest. They might as well just call it now.

Second, she’s admitting that the Senate will exonerate Trump, nullifying his first term and making him eligible to run for a legal second term in 2024. Democrats are already trying to run damage control, claiming that there is no path in the Constitution for such things, which isn’t true.

Constitutional scholar and Trump confidant, Art Tubolls, says the 22nd Amendment more than covers the subject:

“While the Amendment states that a president can only serve two terms, there are considerations for things like death, disability, or impeachment. In any of those cases, for example, a Vice-President can take over for as long as 30 months and still be eligible for 2 terms of his own.

“Under section 12, subsection 5, a president who is impeached and acquitted sees the nullification of the first term, allowing him to run for two additional terms that are perfectly legal.

“It’s right there in black and white. All you have to do is read it.”

Read it we did, and he’s right. According to the subsection he quoted, President Trump will definitely be running again in 20204. To that fact, Michelle Obama made the liberal losers she was pandering to a promise:

“I will be there with you every step of the way. This field of candidates probably doesn’t have what it takes, so in 2024, I will step in and hand that pig his ass.”

The crowd jumped to their feet and gave her a solid 4-minute standing ovation. In Washington, President Trump shrugged off the threat and told his aides to start preparing opposition research for his 2024 campaign.

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