Forgotten History:Obama Awards Medal of Freedom To A Murderer

The truth is right in front of you

The fake news liberal mainstream media will report on anything they deem to be scandalous news about President Trump. In equal parts, however, they conveniently forget about all of the Barack Obama scandals that occurred during his administration. Case in point is the awarding of the Medal of Freedom to a convicted murderer.

Yosem Ittiesam is an immigrant from Syria who has lived in the United States for 15 years. In 2006, he viciously murdered three people with a piece of bucatini. He was tried and convicted in a court of law and served 10 years.

Fast forward to 2007 when Barack Obama called him up onto the stage to give him an award of great distinction. The stage was shared with great authors and activists who had made a difference to the country. When Ittiesam was called to receive his medal, Obama praised him as “Perhaps the most deserving of all recipients today.” His full speech is seen here:

“Yosem it’s truly a great man. For decades he has fought against the varmints he has encountered. He’s had many setbacks along the way, but he has never allowed them to discourage him, relentlessly moving forward.

They have sometimes gotten the better of him. They have sometimes filled him with frustration. But always he continues on.

He is a symbol of determination and strength and I proudly hang this prize on his neck.”

Since receiving this honor from Obama, Ittiesam has continued with his violent ways. He is always armed and has been known to irresponsibly discharge his weapon often. He is a known menace and a danger to all.

What other criminals did Obama honor that escaped public scrutiny? This is the first investigative article in a series related to the subject. There will be more to come from Daily World Update. Stay tuned.

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