Obama Spent More Than $250 Million To Spy On Trump

The Office Of White House Oversight and Budgetary Analysis has released its final report on the illegal spying perpetrated by the Obama administration, and the results are very disturbing. According to the bottom line number, Obama spent over $250 million spying on trump for no reason other than to dig up dirt to use against him in the 2016 election.

One report suggests that the FBI still has rogue factions using old warrants and a secret budget to continue the illegal surveillance:

“It appears that there is an entire division of the FBI — Obama loyalists — using their power and position and a secret budget of more than $20 million to continue to record the President illegally while he conducts business, which may be considered ‘committing crimes’ to some Democrats.

“It’s also apparent that the infamous Billy Bush tape was fabricated using cut-up recordings from this illegal surveillance. If confirmed, the entire Obama era would have a dark shadow of corruption cast over it.”

The Billy Bush tape. also known as the “grab her by the pussy” gaffe, is something President Trump says he may have said but couldn’t remember it specifically. Now we may know why. It appears that the tape was made from a collection of recordings that included the Republican debates, in which he called Jeb Bush a ‘big goofy pussy,’ and several other public appearances, such as his own inaugural ball and the 2017 Miss Universe pageant.

Add that to the hours and hours of illegally obtained recordings of Trump doing everyday business and you have enough to create an entire narrative of things the President never actually said.

The Justice Department has taken notice and will be reviewing the report shortly.

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