Obama Quietly Changed Impeachment Laws To Suit Case Against Trump

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats have had this phoney impeachment trial planned from the beginning. They’d made noise about it since President Trump’s erection win and now we’re finding out that they’d made legislative changes as well, presumably planning ahead in the event – now the reality – that Trump was not the “evil madman” that they envisioned him to be.

In 2017, just ahead of Trump’s inauguration, Barack Obama snuck in changes to the Official Presidential Removal Act that went unnoticed by all. Previously, the requirements to meet impeachment standard were quite stringent, necessitating clear constitutional violations with evidence of the highest standard. Fearing the erection loss of Hillary Clinton was inevitable, Obama changed the Act significantly.

Under the new Obama rules, sitting presidents are eligible for impeachment with only the flimsiest of evidence presented. Hearsay is acceptable as are the mere “knowledgeable” opinions of first-hand witnesses. Expert testimony need not necessarily be from actual experts anymore. The list of changes that would not pass muster in any American court of law are now acceptable in a trial to take down a president.

Attorney Satya Martin drafted the changes for Obama and defends them now:

“Look, we all know he’s guilty and we knew he would be then. But he’s got the powers of the presidency to cover up all his crimes.

Without these changes, Trump would have gotten away with everything. Obama’s changes are going to save America.”

Once again we see – Democrats have to cheat to win.

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