Obama: ‘Pretending to Pray’ Was The Hardest Part of the Job

In an interview with Kenyan TV last weekend that was never supposed to be seen in America, Barack Obama admitted that he was faking being a Christian so people would vote for him. The interview, which lasted about 12 minutes, was completely in Muslamic, and wouldn’t you know it? Obama didn’t need a translator.

First, he admitted he was African and not American:

“Tracing my roots to my African heritage was the proudest moment of my life. We have an incredible culture here; one that not enough people get to experience.”

Then, he admitted he hated America:

“The United States is a different place altogether. We don’t have the type of communities you see here, where families have settled the same villages for centuries. Americans tend to move around more often.”

And the kicker: He admitted he hates Christianity:

“One of the hardest things to accept in America is how far many of the Christians there stray from the teachings of Jesus Christ. It makes it difficult to be proud of who you are sometimes, even if your own faith is solid.”

The worst of the interview is when he admitted he was pretending when he prayed:

“As president of the zunited States, you’re expected to pray for just about everything. Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend. It’s difficult to pray for people who hate you just for the color of your skin, so sometimes you just close your eyes and think about something else while the camera rolls.”

Once it was discovered that the interview was leaked and translated, Obama’s team tried to have it scrubbed from the internet. We’re posting the video below but we fully expect that it will be pulled, so make sure you tell everyone what you saw.

Obama denies saying any of those things, of course, just like he denied being Islamical for all those years. Looks like we know the truth.


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