Malia Obama Was Evicted For Too Much Partying..So Daddy Bought The Building

The truth is right in front of you

The elder of the two Obama sisters just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. In the past few years, Malia has had multiple arrests for a variety of offences and she may have a problem with alcohol and the marijuanas. It’s like they say: “The apple doesn’t fall…..”

The young lady can’t even maintain a calm and peaceful home. Last week she was served with an evection notice by her landlady at her off-campus Harvard rental building. The reasons were just what we’ve come to expect from the Obama: noise, excessive partying, house guests and visitors coming and going at all hours of the day and night.

Satya Martin is the ravishing manager of the Aardappel Towers, where Malia lives. Her description of Barack’s daughter is not kind:

“She doesn’t care about anything. Her place was a pigsty, all she does is party, the police had to come dozens of times.

I expected so much more. No class. Tsk.”

Still, Malia wasn’t thrown out. All it takes is a phone call for her to get out of any trouble. Upon receiving the notice to vacate, she hopped on the phone to daddy and he took care of the problem, THAT she created, by buying THE entire building in which she lives AND firing the breathtaking manager.

It’s no wonder Malia gets in so much trouble. Daddy enables her, bailing her out every time. They’re both trouble. The apple doesn’t fall off the one rotten apple cart.

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