IG Report Shows Obama & FBI Illegally Spied; Charges Coming

The truth is right in front of you

The investigation is complete and the report is out, and all the answers we expected are in. Namely, Obama, the FBI and a slew of other Democrats are guilty of illegal wiretapping for their roles in the operation targeting Trump and his presidential campaign.

The findings are not surprising. President Trump, in his vast and unfailing wisdom, revealed the crime several years ago. His determination really made this extra investigation redundant but it had to take place to satisfy the liberals of America with their demands of “proof”, unable as they are to accept the trusted word of the nation’s elected leader. So here we are many man hours and countless dollars later with an evidentiary report on what we already knew – guilty.

The watchdog found that there was a total lack of evidence provided by the Feds to justify the physical and electronic surveillance that was used against the President, his family, and his staff. It was further found that President Obama ordered the operation personally and did so with political motivations to discredit the opposition of Hillary Clinton. That actual evidence of this was not provided in the report is immaterial. President Trump has once again stated that this is how it played out and so it is fact.

Charges against Obama and crew are expected in the next few days. Justice will finally be done.

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