Obama Responds To Report:’Barr Is Trump’s Lapdog. He Lies For Him’

The truth is right in front of you

Faced with mountains of supposition from AG Barr with regard to the findings of the IG Watchdog report into the lead-up to the Russian collusion probe, former President Barack Obama is lashing out, as the guilty tend to do when the walls start closing in on them. Asked about the conclusions drawn by the investigation, Obama responded with some very strong words:

“Haha. You want me to give any credence to the report that Trump demanded to take attention from him. That thing is a joke. I won’t even read it. It’s not worth my time.

Think about who actually initiated it. Attorney-General Gay Barr. That man was hired by Trump specifically to perform hatchet jobs against Trump’s political enemies. That’s it. That’s the only reason he holds that position. He’s Trump’s lapdog, a devoted servant. There isn’t a word in that report that can be trusted and taken as fact.”

When informed that the IG cleared him of any wrongdoing, Obama added,

“See? I told you I did nothing wrong. The truth has come out!”

Obama’s ranting clearly indicates he has things to hide. Now his crimes are finally being investigated and will be exposed. Justice will soon come to America.

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