AG Barr Issues Warrant For Obama Foundation Servers

Attorney General Bill Barr has issued a warrant for the Obama Foundation servers. According to our sources inside the Justice Department, credible information that the Obamas have been ripping off the public lies just beneath the servers’ surface, and AG Barr wants to see it:

“The Obama Foundation is guilty of defrauding the taxpayer, spending money donated for the poor on amenities for his new library, and stealing from veterans to fund his gold trips.

“We’re pretty sure this will crush the Obama dreams of having the biggest, best Presidential Library, but that’s not our concern. Our concern is making sure the money that was donated to the charity goes to the right places.”

Obama’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says there’s no fraud and that the foundation is doing the Lord’s work:

“This is just another ploy by the Republicans to de-focus the American people from the impeachment process and to blame things on the Obama family.”

The National Charity Watchdog Association recently gave the Obama Foundation an A+ Rating, but they’re the same frauds that certified the Clinton Foundation and testified in the fake case against the Trump Foundation.

As we all know, the Clinton Foundation has a fleet of ships that smuggles drugs and traffics in humans and arms, and the Obama foundation sells the pot to kids in Chicago. The Trump foundation funds the arts and gave a giant check for $100K to a veterans group once.

None of this has been fair, but now the tide is turning. Once AG Barr gets his hands on those servers, the Obama Foundation will face criminal charges and it will be forced to shut down. It will be the first time in history something like that has happened to a President.

So much shame.


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