Sasha Obama Caught Cheating But Daddy Saves Her From Being Expelled

The truth is right in front of you

She’s in her first year at Michigan State and already the youngest Obama girl is in trouble. Sasha Obama was caught cheating on her midterm exams this week, turned in to teachers by classmates who tired of the privilege the President’s daughter received by school administrators. They thought that her unethical behavior would be enough to have the school take action against her. They were wrong.

That the accusations were true was never in doubt. Cell phone cameras of the whistleblowing students had captured her stealing the exam the previous day. And the school’s disciplinary policy calls for immediate expulsion for any student caught cheating – no warnings, no exceptions. And yet…..exception.

Presumably because of her father’s status, the college’s Dean gave Barack Obama a courtesy phone call, informing him of his daughter’s actions and of the consequences that were set to result. And suddenly… all went away. It looks like Daddy pulled strings to save one of his children yet again, because the very next day any record of the youngest daughter’s wrongdoing had completely disappeared. It was as if it had never happened.

This happens again and again. It seems that the Obama girls have protection against all things and a free pass to do whatever they wish. And it is so wrong. It is elitism in action.

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