Obama to Testify Against Trump in Impeachment Hearings

The official witness list has been released to the secret members of the Impeachment Subcommittee on Impeaching Trump, and it included a few surprises. Nobody expected to see names like Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone on the list, but there they are. The most shocking development, however, is the addition of former President Barack Obama.

What could Obama possibly be there to testify about? We asked White House Spokeswoman, Sandy Batt, what she thought he might have to offer:

“Nothing. He has nothing to offer. His appearance will be nothing more t6han a political stunt. He has no knowledge of President Trump’s crimes first-hand. Anything he testifies will be hearsay. He wasn’t in the room for the quid pro quo with Ukraine, nor was he there when we came up with the talking popints on Mueller’s complete and total exoneration of the President for everything other than obstructing justice and campaign finance fraud.

“It’s a nothingburger and they know it.”

That’s not exactly true, according to Impeachment specialist Art Tubolls:

“Obama, as a former President, has access for the first four years to recordings of the current president in action. It’s a little-known law signed by Obama about a week before he left office. The Republicans tried to overturn it, but John McCain stepped in and saved it.

“Obama knows better than anyone what happens in the Oval Office day in and day out.”

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gerry DeTater, says Trump has already proven that to be fake news:

“The quid pro quo, which never happened, took place in the Situation Room, not the Oval Office. Obama has no access to that room.”

And there you have it. Obama will testify that he knows nothing, and the Democrats will applaud like he’s broken the story wide open.

Nobody will ever break the story wide open, because as Trump has stated: It never happened.

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