Trump Wanted To Speak At Elijah Cummings’ Funeral. Obama Blocked Him.

The truth is right in front of you

The funeral service for the recently deceased Elijah Cummings was held today in Maryland. It was a massive affair, with friends, family, and colleagues from both the republican and democrat parties attending to pay their respects to the civil rights leader and longtime congressman. Many from both sides of the aisle spoke before the crowd about the loss of this man.

President Trump himself offered to attend and to say a few words in front of the cameras of the televised event. He was able to put aside their bitter feud now that Cummings had gone to meet his maker. The Cummings family had agreed with Trump when he pointed out that “to have the President attend would be a great honor.”  It was all set.

But then Obama stepped in.

Barack threw a fit when he heard the news, apparently outraged that he would have the spotlight stolen from him. He went on a rant:

“I will not have that monster at the service for my friend. Elijah would be insulted. Trump just wants the photo op. He wants to appear to be ‘a good guy’ but we all know he’s not. The man is a sociopath.

Besides, I’ve already prepared my speech and I’m not going to cut it down for him. Screw That. If he’s there, I’m not.”

Elijah Cummings was close with Barack Obama and the family felt that Elijah would truly want him to attend, so they reluctantly sent regrets to the White House and Trump was bumped.

How selfish is Barack Obama? Selfish enough that he wouldn’t allow a grand spectacle for his friend and instead forced it to be only a mediocre affair.

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