Obama Runs One of the Biggest Conservative Groups on Facebook

Beware, Patriots. Our undercover investigative team has uncovered some disturbing information about one of our own groups. According to Facebook, the Trump for President 2020 group is actually a plant from Barack Obama. Sources close to the investigation told us that Obama started the group to collect names and profiles of American conservatives to sell to his friends overseas:

The whole thing is a Deep State covert operation. Their plan is simple: Send the names of ‘deplorables,’ their official name for Trump supporters, to their contacts at the UN and in the trolling world.

“Before long, we’ll have legions of trolls running amok on our pages and ruining our groups. One of those groups already had to shut down this week because the trolls outnumbered the patriots.”

So far, Obama has collected the personal information of more than 100,000 conservative, God-fearing Americans. Only he and the Good Lord knows exactly what he plans to use the info for, but it can’t be good.

Our advice is to leave any group bearing that name, even if the “organizer” is someone you think you know and trust. Obama has bought those little blue checkmarks in the past and we all know that Zuckerberg backs the liberals.

Be careful out there, patriots. Don’t let disinformation find it’s way into your newsfeed!

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Flagg Eagleton is the son of an American potato farmer and a patriot. After spending 4 years in the Navy and 7 on welfare picking himself up by the bootstraps, Flagg finally got his HVAC certificate and is hard at work keeping the mobile homes of Tallahassee at a comfy 83 degrees.

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