Obama Invited to Join Impeachment Proceedings as Pelosi’s ‘Special Guest’

Former President and traitor to the American people, Barack Hussein Obama, has been formally invited to join the Democrat witch hunt they’re calling impeachment. The secret invitation was discovered by House Lieutenant Battison Sandy, a Republican, after he saw Obama leaving Pelosi’s office.

According to our sources on the Hill, Sandy hired Ronnie Mars to Investigate. Mars managed to get inside Pelosi’s office after hours and found the invitation still sitting in the copy machine. Very sloppy and sad. Sandy says a copy was sent to each mainstream media outlet, but they all declined to report it.

Here’s the text of the invite:


I’d like to formally invite you to be an adverserial bystander with interogatory powers in the upcoming impeachment of the orange buffoon currently occupying the White House. While your role will be ceremonial in the public eye, your vote will count in the event of a tie.

As you know, only members of Congress are allowed to participate in the hearings, so you are hereby deputized as Seargant-at-Arms for the committee hearings.

I look forward to seeing you and thank you for your service. My car will pick you up at Reagan National when you arrrive from your trip to Kenya. I’ll meet you at your home for drinks with Michelle.

Thanks again!



The Constitution clearly states under Article 4 Section 3 that impeachment is not to involve any private citizens. Pelosi’s office has refused to comment except to insult President Trump:

“That moron has private citizen Rudy Giuiani, an even bigger moron, conducting foreign policy. He couldn’t find the Constitution if you left him alone in the National Archives with a master key.”

Ha ha, Nancy. Very funny. We’ll see how funny after Trump proves you are the guilty one and has you thrown in Gitmo forever.

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