Barr:’Members Of Obama’s Inner Circle Will Be Indicted Soon’

The truth is right in front of you

The official announcement of the Justice Department’s opening of a criminal investigation into the Mueller Inquiry’s beginnings was just announced last week, but the investigation has actually been underway for months, and AG Barr seems to have let it slip that it is already bearing fruit. BIG fruit. Barr has indicated that indictments are coming soon and that they will be delivered exactly where most expected – to the personalities of the Obama administration.

Following the public notice of the criminal probe, Brietbaht producer, Joel B. Arronc began to poke around for more newsworthy stories to come out of the event. In doing so, brief, informal question periods were arranged with Joseph Barr, a low level employee from Just Ice, on issues related. At one such session, Barr let Joel in on a scoop, on condition of anonymity:

“Indictments coming. R.G.O., S.M., A.B., and C.B.”

Clockwise from top left: Barron, Blair, Martin, Ozinya

Barr declined to expand on the names, saying the best he could do were the conjectured initials he provided, but the initials are enough to presume the names based on what we already know about the investigation’s focus and Its suspects. The initials match those of four of Barack Obama’s Unique Necessities Assistance staff. Their duties within the White House are varied.

R.G.O. can be logically assumed to be staffer Rod G. Ozinya, S.M. – Satya Martin, A.B – Alex Barron, and C.B. – Christopher Blair. All four were hand selected by Obama for the internships because of their special needs, so it can be logically assumed that they were close to the former president and privy to classified information.

It appears that whatever protection Obama had previously in Justice is no longer. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Barr.

Tick Tock, Barack. Your time is up.

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