‘He’s Low Risk,’ Said Obama Before Freeing ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi

The truth is right in front of you

It is all over the internet now that, back in ’04, Barack Obama was responsible for the release of the man who would become the sole leader of terrorist organization ISIS from Aloo Paneer Prison. Abu Bzr Al Baghdad was one of of 652 ISIS fighters set free by the former president, and after his release he resumed his position as the Grand Dragon of ISIL, and waged a horrific terror war on thousands for the next 15 years. His managerial career would have continued much longer had President Trump not jumped into the fray to fix yet another of Obama’s screw-ups by sending in a covert team to raid the man’s fortress.

George W. Bush was the last Republican President from 2000-2008. He never would have let a terrorist walk free.

Baghdad was wanted and hunted for the past decade after it was learned by US intelligence that he was the man leading, planning, and financing the terror club, but with supporting cast villains all over the Middle East, he was able to remain hidden and consistently elude capture. While in hiding, Baghdad was responsible for the deaths of at least 8000 people.

Those deaths could have been avoided were it not for President Barack Obama who, as it turns out, had a personal relationship with Baghdad as the world learned just yesterday. It is not believed, however, that this relationship existed at the time of Baghdad’s release by Obama. Instead, it’s widely thought that Obama let the 600+ terrorists go because he supported their goal of world domination and because he’s dumb.

So there you have it – yet another instance of Obama weakening our security….. and Trump giving it strength.

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