Using Obscure Constitutional Statute, Obama Pardons Joe Biden


Like most Americans, you’ve probably never heard of the Meritus Ex Tempus statute buried in the 16th amendment.  Added way back in 1911 by then President William Howard Taft, the text of the statute allows any President : “of present day, or within ten years vacated of office” to a wield various Executive branch powers, including the ability to execute a Presidential pardon.

This is what he thinks of Q-anon, incidentally.

Well, being a Constitutional scholar seems to have its advantages, and former President Barack Obama knows all about the missive.  With his best friend Joe Biden catching heat for his and his son’s little escapades in the Ukraine, he’s notified Congress and the Senate by written document, a requirement of the act, that he intends to issue a pardon officially absolving Biden of all legal wrongdoing.  Scott free.  Clean as a newborn’s ass.   As smooth and easy as Mike Pence’s hands over a pair of Polish sausages.

Happier than Nicolas Cage heading out to a Quidditch match

Unfortunately all of this is completely legal within the American code.  Even Fox News’ Judge Anthony Napolitano agreed, calling it a “very clever and intelligent move to make”, because he’s been acting very liberal lately, and frankly, is on his way out anyway since he and Hannity always fight over who gets to wash Judge Jeanine’s panties.   At any rate, it certainly seems like Obama has foiled President Trump’s sinister plot to cheat his way through another election.  Why can’t they just let our impeachiest President be?

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