Remember When Obama Invited The Taliban AND Al-Queda to Camp David? – Forgotten History

The truth is right in front of you

Much is being made in the liberal-press-fake-news-mainstream-media lately about President Trump’s plans to hold peace talks at Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11 with the middle eastern terrorist faction, The Taliban. These “journalists” have not ceased in their attacks in the past week, labelling Trump as a traitor and as a meanie, heartless monster. And why? Because he wants to bring peace to a region devastated by a century of war. Even former President Obama chimed in, blasting Trump for holding secret “talks” with our sworn “enemy”.

Obama had no problem ripping into trump…..for doing exactly what he did himself.

But in the midst of all this, Barack’s own, similar actions have been conveniently forgotten ….or, more likely, cast aside by the press as they would interfere with their current narrative.

Back in 2012, then President Obama also invited the Taliban for a weekend at Camp David, though it was never stated that the weekend’s purpose was to talk peace. In fact, no reason was given at all. If its purpose was good, one would assume it would be advertised. As it was not, we can logically assume that evil was afoot.

But Barry’s malevolence didn’t end there. Not only did he invite the Taliban – who helped facilitate 9/11 – to party with him at camp, he also invited the actual terrorist faction who was to blame. Al-Qaeda. Obama invited Al-Qaeda to frolic with him and the Taliban at the presidential residence.

And, of course, we’ve seen all the mass shootings that have taken place since. Enough said.

The media bias against our current leader is glaring. It’s about time they started giving him a fair shake……or they should have their licenses taken away.

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