Obama Reveals He Has ‘Kenyan Citizenship’ But Says it’s ‘Not Important’

Former President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Soetoro Obama, has revealed something he denied and lied to a nation about — his Kenyan citizenship. According to an internal review of immigration documents related to Obama’s father and brother, Barry Soetoro was a Kenyan all along and decided to lie to all of us.

Director of Immigration Theory and Radical Reform, Art Tubolls, says the find is nothing short of criminal:

“He produced a birth certificate that says he was born in America, yet here we have a document showing that he clearly holds Kenyan citizenship. How does someone exlain lying to the American electorate and holding the highest office in the land when you clearly have foreign interests that are very important to you.”

This is an outrage, Patriots. After some digging around and calling in favors, we were able to determine that Obama was, in fact, born with both Kenyan and United States citizenship. Under Article 1 section 14 of the Constitution, “the President has to have never held any citizenship but his own.”

Obama clearly held two of his own, which may technically get him off the hook for treason but not for some other crime. Like lying. To everyone.

Be ready for action, Patriots. We may need to revolt if this Obama thing isn’t settled and Trump loses.

The Obamas responded with a form letter addressed to “All Right-Wing Conspiracy Fanatics”:

Dear morons,

My Kenyan citizenship was never in question. My father was a Kenyan citizen. Are you following along?

I lost that citizenship on my 23rd birthday automatically because I never applied or desired to apply to renew it, as I am an American, not a Kenyan. These things are public record. You are obsessed lunatics in need of a hobby. Please find some link to reality.

Thank you for you time.

Warmest Regards,

Barack Hussein Obama

His letter is a complete crock of doody, of course. If what he’s saying were true you could literally just search and find out. He must think we’re truly as dumb as he makes us look. Not this time, Barry. We’re on to you.

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