Remember When Obama Bragged About His Crowd After Sandy Hook? – Forgotten History

The truth is right in front of you

Once again the short memory of the liberal media is coming to light with President Trump being called “heartless” and “inhuman” for remarks he made, this time after visiting shooting victims in El Paso, then boasting about the turnout of people who came to see him…….but ignoring how Obama did exactly the same thing not so long ago.

Barack Obama was president and tragedy had just struck in Newport, CT when a crazed gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and slaughtered dozens of children within. The nation mourned and President Obama pretended to cry. He then set about to visiting the small town to spend time with victims.

Once there, he did all the right things for the cameras – he shook some hands, kissed some babies, hugged some parents, and hung his head down low. He really did appear to be genuinely upset by the killing.

But a hot mic caught his true feelings later that day.

While in what he thought was a private conversation with VP Biden, he let out this gem:

“Did you see the size of the crowd in here? Just for me! And tons more outside! I’m more popular than Jesus. But that’s another story.”

The mainstream media barely touched this comment. It was buried. But when trump says it, its front page news. No matter though because Trump’s brilliance is winning over everyone.

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