Obama Insults Every American Patriot With Disgusting ‘Al Qaeda’ Joke

The truth is right in front of you

Apparently, Barack Obama finds mass murder and terrorists taking American lives to be funny. This became evident this evening during a speech he made before an array of Silicon Valley tech companies at Google headquarters.

The topic of discussion had veered from using social media to kill Trump’s 2020 reelection chances to Mike Huckabee. Huckabee had said earlier today on his blog that “mass shootings are easy to stop. We just have to pray more. The only reason they keep happening is because some people still aren’t praying. It’s their fault.”

Recounting Huck’s words led to uproarious laughter from all at the table, culminating in disgusting jokes from our former president which were recorded by an illegal worker who then leaked them in a bid to gain favor and citizenship.

“Huckabee says we are to blame for psychopathic Trump supporters spraying bullets to fulfill the promise of the Orange S**tgibbon? HAHAHAHA!

Ok Mikey, you’re right. Tell you what, why don’t we put an end to our massive defense spending on ‘The War On Terror’? If we had just prayed harder, we wouldn’t have needed to start the war in the first place.

Maybe if Mike had prayed more, his wife wouldn’t have given birth to Shrek.

IT’S AMERICA’S FAULT THAT 9/11 HAPPENED! Mike said so! All we had to do was pray more and we could have saved all those lives!

Take that to the Cheeto, Mike! Tell him to stop this silly war. It’s not needed. We’ll just start having prayer breaks for every citizen and then everybody will live forever!

When the laughter in the room died down from the Obama sycophants, he continued:

“Oh wait. This is Trump we’re talking about. He’s just stupid enough to do it.”

Words like this are deplorable from any American citizen. Doubly so for a former American Statesman. Obama needs to be shunned for this pathetic speech, especially since he created the terrorist mess to begin with.

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