Obama:’I’m More Popular Than Christ’

The truth is right in front of you

Anybody with eyes and ears knows that failed president Barack Obama thinks a lot of himself. He is perhaps the most narcissistic leader that this country has ever seen. It’s that ego that ruined this country for 8 long years as he thought knew better than anybody else and made decisions for America on his own, refusing guidance or advice from all others.

Now with the derp state trying to overthrow our government, his ego has grown to insane proportions. He still thinks he’s running the country and he still thinks he matters. And he thinks everybody loves him – not just here in the USA but all around the world.

A recording has been found of a recent speech before the Democrat National Committee in which Obama talks about himself very, very, very highly. A portion of that extremely long-winded speech follows:

“There wasn’t anybody in the history of this country that pulled off the miracles that I did. I didn’t just save America from economic ruin, I saved the entire world.

That’s why everybody on earth still loves me. I saved their everything. Like a god. Because it really resembled a miracle.

The world worships me. I’m more popular than Christ.”

Now he’s gone too far. That is blasphemy, pure and simple. This guy needs to screw his head on straight. Of course, he’s already going to hell, so I guess this abominable talk means nothing to him.

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