Woman Banned From Obama Presidential Library After Requesting Bible


When 38-year old homemaker Stacy Rect decided to stop by the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, she had no idea her trip would end being questioned in the back of a patrol car.  But that’s exactly what happened after she asked to see a Bible.

Also incarcerated, her dog Mr. Tinkles for skipping out on a bench warrant.

Miss Rect entered the library foyer at 11:30 a.m., and began touring the grounds, passing by the Muslamic study group on prayer mats in the Sharia Room, and winding through the “Benghazi Playland Place”, where several children were riding a small Mohammed-Go-Round or playing Jihad and Seek among a nearby stack of tomes.   Feeling slightly out of her element, she asked a staff member if she could be shown a Bible.  Her legal counsel, Denny Crane, described what happened next :

“My client was told that there were no Bibles within the grounds and expressed distress.  When she pushed for further explanation, the staff member spoke into a walkie-talkie, summoning security to have her escorted to a waiting police car.  She was charged with a hate crime.”

Yet this little prick can run around calling people “mudbloods”, and the school staff is just fine with it.

Although the Obama Presidential Library does not yet actually exist, many conservative evangelicals see this news as disturbing and solid evidence of religious persecution, more normal critically-thinking people see it for what It is – small potatoes.

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