Michelle Obama Rumored to Be On Impeachment Legal Team


Many people believe that the Obamas lost their licenses to practice law years ago for some nefarious reason or another.  Well, that turns out to be absolute nonsense distributed to Facebook pages for complete idiots.  In fact, Michelle Obama is rumored to be in the running for Lead Prosecutor for the inevitable impeachment of President Trump.

Pence is already having the squishy dreams again just from all the talk.

As a prosecutor, Mrs. Obama is known to be a formidable opponent.  She served as the real-life model for Judd Nelson’s character in the motion picture “From the Hip”, has taken on the Supreme Court to secure the right of Illinois’ dwarf populace to order only half of a Big Mac sandwich, and successfully sued actor Nicolas Cage for 70 million dollars simply because it’s really fun to sue Nicolas Cage.


Trump’s impeachment is due to begin at some point in the very near future when Nancy Pelosi has finally had enough of the bulbous Commander in Queef’s backwards logic and childlike reasoning and gathers enough support to throw him out into traffic.  And it looks like Michelle Obama is gearing up her ass-kicking foot.

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