Malia Obama Expelled From Harvard – Until Daddy Bought Them A New Building

Harvard University came down hard on Malia Obama this week as she attempted to register for her Junior Year of college. Their new “zero tolerance” policy for crime and drugs means that all of the things she’s done are now going to count against her. Or — that’s what we thought.

Unfortunately, yet another travesty of justice is going to be overlooked as Harvard University swept the matter under the rug for the price of a new building. The Soetoro School of Business Administration will open in August of 2022 where the Richard Nixon Student Center used to be. According to Harvard University President, Art Tubolls:

“The infractions of one student are tiny compared to the benefits of the donation of the Soetoro family on her behalf. Malia Obama’s record is hereby clean.”

Looks like money can buy just about everything. How can she get away with it? It’s simple. Her father isn’t a proud conservative like Lori Laughlin, so he gets to buy her way into school. The “Soetoro family” is nothing but a scam that probably doesn’t even exist.

The bottom line is, this family continues to just wreak havoc on our country in any way they can, as often as they can. At some point, they have to be stopped.

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Flagg Eagleton is the son of an American potato farmer and a patriot. After spending 4 years in the Navy and 7 on welfare picking himself up by the bootstraps, Flagg finally got his HVAC certificate and is hard at work keeping the mobile homes of Tallahassee at a comfy 83 degrees.

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