Obama Memoirs:’God Told Me To Run For President’

The truth is right in front of you

“Deep In My Life’s State”, Barack Obama’s autobiography to be released next year, is said to be a detailed account of the forty-fourth president’s deeds and accomplishments throughout his miserable life, from his pride and satisfaction at emerging from the womb (“I was happy in there, but I came out for the betterment of mankind.”), to his successes at school (“My teachers said I was a smart cookie!”), to marrying Michelle (“She’s so much smarter than me. The real commander-in-chief”), to his time in the White House. It is his thoughts on his time in government that are most disturbing.

The original title of Obama’s book was squashed by the publisher.

“I decided to become a State Senator to do good. I was adequate, nothing special but I was getting a great paycheck for the first time in my life so I stuck to it. It was a gravy train job. I had no plans to leave ever. All I had to do was give constituents some shiny beads once in awhile and they keep voting for me.

But in 2007, something life changing happened.

God told me to run for President.

I mean, it was God! How could I say no?

He told me that only I could take the world to where it needed to be and that He would always be there to guide me. He wasn’t. That was a lie but I had Michelle to make the tough decisions for me and she is my ebony goddess. She did well. Maybe she’s THE God. I dunno.

And the rest, as they say, is history. God was right. I was the only one for the job. And the world became a better place. Praise. Amen.”

This man was surely installed by the devil. That is obvious. And he knows it too. This is all just propaganda.

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