Obama To Trump: ‘You Don’t Know What It Means To Be American’

The truth is right in front of you

Barack Obama took aim at President Trump on  Sunday, essentially saying that Trump’s disapproval of his own presidency made him an  anti-American traitor.

“This guy, this buffoon, has been calling into question the patriotism of anyone who opposes him. That’s absolutely ludicrous and outright unAmerican. You are not the citizen’s lord and commander, a****le! You work for them, not the other way around.”

What Obama failed to take into account is that the President was not questioning the loyalty of citizens at all. He only directed his vitriol at illegals and those in government- members of the House and the Senate; almost exclusively Democrats, of course. Trump explained the difference:

“The legal voters of this country have every right to question my moves and my motives. That’s what makes this country great. But those that do are always illegals, people that aren’t even citizens.

Those protest marches against me you see once in awhile? All illegals. Every last one of them. Or tourists. ‘Protesting the President’ is actually a tourism industry now. People come from all over the world to protest against me. It brings in billions. I did that. Without me that doesn’t happen.  You think people came from around the globe to protest Obama? Nope. Just for me, baby.

That’s a lot of laughter. They must have seen his mushroom cap

As to the Democrats in government, they do work for me. This is my government. I’m the President . I’m their boss. They better start to watch their step. I’ve been nice so far but it’s been awhile since I said, “You’re fired,” and I’m itching to do so. They’ll be on the unemployment lines soon if they don’t smarten up.”

Listen up, Barry. President Trump is Captain America. He’s the most American man that has ever lived. You better shut up or you’ll be back in Kenya.

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